Ethan’s First Parade

This week is the Clearfield County Fair, a big week in the life of Clearfield. One of the highlights is the Fireman’s Parade which took place this evening.

The parade is like one continuous block party. Someone told us you have to “earn” a place along the route, which can take years. It’s a good thing we have hospitable church folk! As we went out this morning, just a half block from our house, to place our chairs by the parade route, we found that most of the spots were already taken. But Rick and Becky were passing by in their pickup and invited us to their corner for their party.

We had a great time with great folks and great food. It was amazing how many church people from both West Side and Centre Grove we bumped into on the way to our seats on Weaver Street, a few blocks away from where we live, especially considering that we’ve only been here one month!

Ethan enjoyed the parade tremendously. He let out squeals of joy like we never heard before as the fire trucks passed by. And when the bands and music played his foot would go round and his hand would tap to the beat. He even waved, arm outstretched, at one fire truck crew.

4 thoughts on “Ethan’s First Parade”

  1. Hi Ethan,
    Enjoyed the pics; wish I could have been with you and watched all your excitement.
    Love ‘ya,

  2. Enjoy the Fair – we remember it well!! It is like old home week in town.
    Enjoyed the Ethan pix!! What a cutie!!
    Jean and Dave


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