Hanging Out with the Pastors

IMG_1753Today, we started something new, holding a time of “hanging out with the pastors.” We invited people from both West Side and Centre Grove to join us at Old Town Road Dairy from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

We had a great response our first time out. Today’s meeting was scheduled on pretty short notice (due to conflicts the rest of the month). We will try to schedule a hangout time every few weeks, perhaps monthly, as our schedules permit, and in the future, we’ll try to give more notice.

We think these events will not only be good for people from Centre Grove and West Side to hang out with their pastor, but also to see the pastor’s family, whom they do not get to see regularly. Ethan enjoyed the social time as well as his lunch (grilled cheese and fries, which he shared with Mommy; Daddy had a very good hamburger; and as always, Ethan *loves* to complete his meals/snack times with milk!).

Thanks to those who attended today. We’re not sure when the next time will be (December can get pretty chaotic!), but we look forward to seeing others of you next time around, as we try to do life together here in Clearfield!

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