Tennessee Flashback

We’re going to visit family and friends in Tennessee for the week of Thanksgiving. Due to a pretty crazy year (in a good way), it’s a long overdo trip!

It’s been just over a year since we’ve been to Tennessee. The last time we were there, we received the first photos of our baby boy from Korea (see It’s a Boy!; we also wrote about our First Baby Shower).

We’re looking forward to a week in Tennessee, where some of our family and friends will get to meet Ethan in person for the first time.

While we’re there, we’ll try to eat at an authentic Korean restaurant in the Chattanooga area (like the one in Carisle where we ate following the finalization of Ethan’s adoption last month). I’ve done a little online research already to locate one.

Interestingly, when we ate at the Korean restaurant in Carlisle, where I (along with Dave Norris, I believe) used chopsticks, Ethan picked up some chopsticks and emulated what he saw us doing with them. Perhaps one of these days we’ll have to teach Ethan to use chopsticks. In Korea, children begin learning around the age of 3, we were told (we actually bought a set of children’s chopsticks and soup spoon when we were in Korea).

We go to Tennessee in two weeks. We’ll rest. We’ll spend time reconnecting with friends and family. And I’m sure we’ll relive some of the special memories of the things we experienced the last time we were there, things like going to the nearby Panera Bread to open the package that contained the photos of Ethan.

We’re looking forward to it. We’ll probably document the experience and share some of the highlights here on the blog, so watch for that as Thanksgiving gets closer.

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