6 Key Financial Principles

December and January can always be challenging months financially. Christmas comes with certain expectations. I am not speaking of the expectation of Christ born anew in our hearts, but the expectation of giving gifts. Christmas is a time of financial obligation that sometimes comes back to haunt us in January if we have overextended ourselves.

While at the Church of the Resurrection in October for a seminar (see our posts here, here, and here), a colleague shared the following list that she received in a workshop she attended.

Six Key Financial Principles

  1. Put God first in your living and giving (2 Corinthians 9.6-7).
  2. Prepare a spending plan and track all expenses monthly (Proverbs 27.23-24).
  3. Simplify your lifestyle, live below your means (Matthew 6.19-33).
  4. Provide immediately for an emergency fund (1 Timothy 6.9-12).
  5. Pay off all credit card debt and use cash not credit cards (Proverbs 22.7).
  6. Practice long-range saving and investing habits (Luke 14.28).

As we begin the new year, I hope these biblical, practical principles will help to guide you in your living and your spiritual practices.

As it has become official that the United States is now in a recession, let us remember that all we have comes from an abundantly generous God, and he is creator and owner of all things. We will trust in him to guide us through all times. He will continue to provide for the ministry of his church and for his people.

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