Go-To Receivers

One of the things that I particularly became aware of during my first season of fantasy football was the value of individual players. For example, when choosing a wide receiver, ideally I wanted to choose one who was considered the quarterback’s primary go-to receiver (which might change over the course of the season, depending on a player’s health or performance).

A go-to receiver is one whom the quarterback goes to, especially in critical situations. During the course of a game (and season, for that matter), a go-to receiver gets the most targets and catches on the team (and for fantasy football teams, more fantasy points!).

Now God has a pretty big team, so he has a lot of “receivers,” people whom God is able to use in the world. But what does it take to be one of God’s go-to receivers?

Trustability. When the game is on the line, you ultimately throw the ball to a someone you trust, someone you think is going to catch the ball. In critical situations, can God trust you?

Consistency. Go-to receivers are not only trustable, they’re steady and consistent. They show up, they do their part, and they give it their all.

What other character qualities do you think God’s go-to receivers might have?

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