Fantasy Football 2012

With apologies to non-sports/football fans, but this is my annual fantasy football post. Previous posts included: Fantasy Football (2008), Life Lessons from Fantasy Football (2009), Fantasy Football 2010 Underway, and Getting Ready for Fantasy Football 2011. This is my fifth season playing fantasy football (all in our church league at Centre Grove). My strategy has … Read more

Getting Ready for Fantasy Football 2011

On this blog, we write mostly about leadership and other ministry-related areas. We sometimes post family updates, especially throughout the adoption processes for both Ethan and Sarah. But I’ve also been known to write an occasional post about fantasy football—Fantasy Football (2008), Life Lessons from Fantasy Football (2009), Fantasy Football 2010 Underway (2010). The thing … Read more

Game Night

Tonight, we watched the Steelers play in the AFC Championship game. Well, actually, the kids went to bed at their usual bedtime which was just before halftime. But before they did, they got to do a little cheering (there was a lot more cheering to do in the first half, anyway). They also got to … Read more

Fantasy Football 2010 Underway

Last night was pretty wild. It was draft night for third season of fantasy football for some people from Centre Grove (and beyond). We had 12 players (or “teams”) the first year, 14 last year, and this year, we’ve gone to two leagues of 12 teams each! (I wrote about my first season of fantasy … Read more

Finish Strong

On Super Bowl Sunday at Centre Grove, I focused on the theme, “Finish Strong,” wearing the Saints’ Finish Strong t-shirt from Finish Strong. “Finish Strong” was the motivating theme for the New Orleans Saints this season. But it’s also an important theme for followers of Jesus! Here’s a sampling of sports references from Scripture … … Read more

Life Lessons from Fantasy Football

Last year, I wrote about my first year of playing fantasy football in a new league at Centre Grove UMC. We’re playing again this year, and I’m learning that some of the tips for playing fantasy football are also good life lessons. Do your homework. Doing your homework begins in the preseason. A numbers of … Read more

Ready for Some Football

As you can see, Ethan is ready for some football (well, after his nap, which is now underway!). Tonight, on Ethan’s first Super Bowl Sunday in the States, the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Arizona Cardinals.

Go-To Receivers

One of the things that I particularly became aware of during my first season of fantasy football was the value of individual players. For example, when choosing a wide receiver, ideally I wanted to choose one who was considered the quarterback’s primary go-to receiver (which might change over the course of the season, depending on … Read more

Fantasy Football

I played my first season of Fantasy Football (FF) this year, and have enjoyed it. Shortly after arriving at Centre Grove in July, I was asked if I wanted to be part of a new fantasy football league made up mostly of guys from the church. I like to watch football and thought it would … Read more

Marshall University

On our way home from Asbury, we stopped in Huntington, WV for a couple days. While there, we checked out some of the memorials related to the plane crash that killed most of the players on 1970 Marshall University football team. Ever since we saw the movie, We are Marshall, we’ve noticed the exit signs … Read more