Gotcha Day in Pittsburgh

We had the opportunity to spend Thursday and Friday in Pittsburgh to celebrate Gotcha Day. We got together with my best friend and roomie from college, Trish. We hadn’t seen each other in a number of years, so we stayed up late catching up and reminiscing and, of course, laughing hysterically at times (even after Randy and Ethan went to sleep).

Friday, the four of us went to the Pitt campus to see The Nationality Rooms. Trish was the perfect tour guide, as she now teaches at Pitt. We also visited Phipps Conservatory, where Ethan enjoyed the goldfish, the model trains, and running free in the children’s outdoor exploratory area.

5 thoughts on “Gotcha Day in Pittsburgh”

  1. What a nice way to celebrate Gotcha Day!!
    We praise God for your wonderful year of bonding as a family!!
    Jean and Dave

  2. The international rooms were one of my favorite parts of the Cathedral when I was a student at Pitt (along with the yummy cafeteria in the basement!) I’m glad you enjoyed your Gotcha Day!

  3. Hey! What a treat to be able to spend Gotcha Day with all of you! I loved having the chance to meet Ethan in person–and enjoyed all of our Phipps and Nationality Room Adventures. Most of all, I loved having the chance to spend time with you and get caught up afte far too long of a time. Come back soon!


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