Gotcha Day

There are special days in our lives, given to us to remember forever. This is one of those days. One year ago today, Ethan was placed in our arms. Already birthed in our hearts the first time we saw his picture in September (It’s a Boy!), on February 12, 2008 we were united physically. Randy and I already felt a strong loving bond toward this child of ours. He, however, was thrust into a state of transition (First Hours with Ethan).

Ethan has been a great adapter. Coming into our lives, to the United States, to our home and a few months later moving to a new home, new community, new churches. And he’s had lots of loving arms to help make each transition as smooth as possible.

The flu has swept through our family, beginning with Ethan last Thursday evening. As much as I have hated seeing him sick, I must admit I have kind of enjoyed his less active days. I’ve gotten to just sit and hold him close and remember and be thankful. Thank you God for the precious gift of a forever family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing from your heart concerning this special day. May God keep all these wonderful memories forever etched in your mind. How awesome it will be for Ethan to someday read about this day and your love for him before he ever set eyes on you.


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