More on Ethan’s Words

Yesterday was our day off and Randy had an appointment in Altoona. We made arrangements to meet Grammy and PapPap over dinner. Grammy and PapPap haven’t been able to come visit much lately as PapPap had a torn ligament (followed by a blood clot). He just started some minor therapy this week. They are ready for any opportunity they have to see Ethan. Getting to Ethan’s words …

Ethan also says MaMa (of course, I’ll list that one first) and DaDa and PapPap. We’re still working on Gramma. When we call Gramma on the phone, Ethan will call Gramma “PapPap.” I think he’s doing this less. He now will say “Hey” for “Hi” and any other words that we tell him to say while he’s on the phone.

A number of weeks ago, I witnessed his first “conversation” with a stuffed animal. It was a rambling of syllables. He now does this some on the fake phone, but most of the time he gives the fake phone to MaMa to “talk.”

As mentioned before, Ethan’s first phrase came early, “What’ that?” His second phrase to my demise was “No, Ma.”

Ethan has a keen sense of hearing, so when he asks “What’s that?” you have to figure out if he’s seeing or hearing something. Just yesterday he heard the water running upstairs, knowing Daddy was upstairs he linked verbal and sign communication for another phrase. He verbally said DaDa and then gave the sign for “bath.”

His daily developments are amazing!

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