Followers First, Leaders Second.

One morning last week, during my time with God, I was praying for my (and Joleen’s) ministry/leadership, and said …

Make us the followers you want us to be so that we can be the leaders you call us to be!

I have always believed that leaders must first be followers. Christ-following leaders must first be followers of God; indeed, their leadership flows out of following God! But leaders must also be good followers of others (e.g., those in authority, other leaders, etc.). In other words, followership is a prerequisite of leadership.

One of the challenges leaders face is knowing when to follow and when to lead. Certainly, leaders must always follow God. At times, leaders need to know when to follow others as well, particularly, those to whom they delegate responsibility and/or share ministry. Leaders carry the ultimate responsibility of leadership, of course, but there are times when they need to follow, to let others lead.

We are followers first (that’s one of the reasons why I like and prefer the term “Christ-followers”), then leaders.

So, are you a good leader? And, just as important for leaders, are you a good follower?

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