Forced Breaks

In the old days (the days before Ethan), there were times that we would go non-stop in our work (ministry and/or schoolwork). That might mean things like going from early in the morning till late at night or eating a meal on-the-go. We didn’t do that all the time, of course, only during seasons where there was an extra load.

We’re in one of those several-week-long seasons right now where we could (maybe even need) to go non-stop. The difference now, though, is that Ethan forces us to take breaks — we have to stop to feed him and/or spend time with him, occasionally. 😉

But we’ve found the breaks to be good. Not just breaks, but breaks with Ethan. He helps us to lighten up, to help us remember that some of the things we’re working on — things we’re required to complete by a deadline that is fast approaching — in the grand scheme of things, are not the most important things in the world!

Well, it sounds like Ethan is getting awake. Time for breakfast!

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