Ethan’s Day Away

As mentioned in the last post, we’re in a pretty intense season right now (and for at least a few more days), which is why our blogging has been light.

To help us get through this season, though, Ethan spent a good part of two days (including one night) at Grammy and Pappy’s house. He returned home this evening for dinner and a little playtime before bedtime.

We certainly missed our “breaks” with Ethan! Friday is our day off, and while we’ll still have some work to do (for commissioning as provisional elders in the UMC, which we’ll write about at some point down the road), we’re hoping to do most of it before Ethan wakes up in the morning and/or during his nap in the afternoon so that can enjoy some much-needed down time as a family!

1 thought on “Ethan’s Day Away”

  1. We sure ejoyed having that little guy for a couple days, wish it were more often. Love the pic with Pappy’s cane! We miss you Ethan!


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