You’ve probably heard people talk about mentally/emotionally gearing up for the return to work near the end of their vacation. Maybe you’ve experienced it.

I can’t speak for other professions or other types of work, but in ministry leadership, we don’t exactly get to lay down our call to ministry when we go on vacation. However, we try to limit talk about “work” when we go on vacation (partly because of the fact that we’re both pastors, we spend time talking about work when we’re not on vacation so vacation time is a time to focus on rest and renewal).

We generally do pretty well at that, but today was a day of transition. After a time of catching our breath and recalibrating our lives, we also began making the mental/emotional/spiritual transition back to the mission at hand (actually, tomorrow begins our second year in Clearfield). We come back hopefully more rested and ready to move forward in the work God has called us to do and to be the leaders God has called us to be!

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