Managing Fluid Schedules

Every family has their own unique challenges. Recently, I described the challenge we face in our home with two extremely fluid schedules and the goal of being more intentional about scheduling family/couple time.

In this post, I’ll mention one tool we’ve been using for almost a year to manage our fluid schedules: Google Calendar. With Google Calendar you can set up one or more calendars and share them with others.

We set up calendars (each with a different color) for …

  • Joleen’s Work
  • Randy’s Work
  • Our Work
  • Personal & Family
  • Special Days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

When one of us needs to schedule a meeting or activity, we check the master online calendar to see if the date/time is available. Because it’s an online calendar that we both have access to, we can check it from our respective church offices, our home office, or when we’re traveling with our laptops.

Managing our fluid schedules will always be a challenge, but after using Google Calendar for nearly a year, it seems to be a good tool for us, so far.

So, how do you manage the busy lives in your home?

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