Overhearing Ethan

It’s always been interesting to listen to Ethan’s chatter when he’s “alone.” We hear him chattering when he wakes up in the morning. Sometimes he rehearses his newest words. He went through a phase where he was counting things, so we’d hear him count. Of course, he often says, “Mommy” and “Daddy,” and sometimes the names of other people he knows. Occasionally, he calls, “Randy.” 🙂

One day during our recent vacation, the three of us laid down for an afternoon nap, except Ethan didn’t actually nap (thankfully, he entertained himself in his pack-n-play while we did).

During that nap time, though I heard a couple things. First, it sounded like he was praying, though, I didn’t catch the words. And sure enough, after a little while, he said, “amen.”

In other interesting chatter, Ethan said, “Ethan, no!” (not sure where he picked that up!) 😉

For good or bad, listening to the chatter of children provides instant feedback on what your child is absorbing!

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