IMG_3034Years ago, we named this blog “Willis Wired” simply to indicate our online presence. But recently, I’ve been thinking about all the wires that seem to be required in our real lives.

Up till now, we’ve tossed our various wires, cables, adapters, and power cords in a bag, but we’re getting to the point where we need a better system for keeping track of the them, which might need to include labeling them so we remember what they all go to!

Today, I took a photo of some of the wires, cables, and adapters that we have around the house (not including the ones that are currently connected somewhere). In this photo, there are different kinds of USB cables, chargers, adapters, video cables, and audio cables that connect different kinds of devices.

It makes me wonder how things will develop as new technology continues to emerge. Even as a growing number of devices go wireless, I wonder if the different types of wires/cables/adapters will eventually become more universal or will they continue to multiply? (I’m guessing the latter.)

Is you world becoming more “wired,” too?

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