The 5th Largest Mission Field

I recently heard that the United States is currently the fifth largest mission field in the world (third in the English speaking world), which is discussed in this article at That’s an incredible statement! People in the U.S. have as much (or more) access to the gospel of Jesus Christ than in other nations … Read more

Managing Electronic Stuff

While efficiency is not as important as effectiveness, efficiency is still pretty important. And it’s something I’m always trying to improve on (I’ve written posts on task management and task management 2.0). At its heart, efficiency is a matter of finding a system that works for you. There are no perfect systems because we’re all … Read more

Managing Fluid Schedules

Every family has their own unique challenges. Recently, I described the challenge we face in our home with two extremely fluid schedules and the goal of being more intentional about scheduling family/couple time. In this post, I’ll mention one tool we’ve been using for almost a year to manage our fluid schedules: Google Calendar. With … Read more

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