How I Set Up Facebook Lists

I’m not a fan of Facebook’s News Feed and Pages Feed, which have their own ways of delivering content to you. I prefer to see the content I want to see and I want to see it chronologically! So, I set up lists. To set up Friends Lists … Go to to set up … Read more

Managing Chaos With Online Calendars

With the adoption of Ethan in 2008, Joleen and I went from being a clergy couple to being a clergy couple with a child. In other words, the chaos only increased! Shortly after bringing Ethan home from Korea, we set up online calendars using Google Calendar. The benefit is that either of us can access … Read more

Sermon Prep With iAnnotate

In recent months, I’ve been using iAnnotate in my sermon prep. iAnnotate is an iPad app that reads and marks up PDFs. Before this app, I printed out the scriptures I planned to use in my sermon. As I read over the text, I’d mark it up with a highlighter, marking keywords and phrases, and … Read more

Task Management App: 2do

I’ve written about my long-time search for a better way to manage time and tasks: Task Management, Task Management 2.0, and Time Management. My latest stop on this journey is the iPad app, 2do. As I’ve stated before, my journey started with a Franklin Day Planner when I was in college. Over the years, I’ve … Read more

Building a Church Website With WordPress

WordPress is a great option for church websites. It’s an especially good option if your church doesn’t have a web designer or the resources to hire someone to build a site. But even if you have the personnel and the resources, WordPress is still a great option! Several years ago, WordPress began as a blogging … Read more

Kindle vs. Nook on the iPad

Earlier this year, Kindle ebook sales at reportedly surpassed sales of both hardcovers and paperback print editions, combined. That development happened without any help from me—mainly because I have so many printed book on my reading pile! I bought my first ebook a couple months ago (the new Bible translation, Common English Bible). Besides … Read more

Twitter Web Apps

I wrote a week ago that I had recently started using Twitter, a micro-blogging service (posts are limited to 140 characters). Since I started using Twitter, I’ve been comparing options for using Twitter (view my Twitter page here). So, for the benefit of people who may be searching for other alternatives, I thought I’d post … Read more

There’s Always a Better Way!

Too often we get so comfortable with what’s familiar that we stop looking for other ways, including better ways, of doing things. We live by the cliché, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” (actually, I like “If it ain’t broke, break it!” better!). We settle for less and it stifles our growth. But, years … Read more

Online Image Editors

(This post was updated on April 6, 2016.) For the first few years of this blog, we posted very few photos. That changed when we adopted children, and wanted to share photos of them here and on social media. Photos need to be reduced and optimized for the Web for faster page loading. Over the … Read more


Years ago, we named this blog “Willis Wired” simply to indicate our online presence. But recently, I’ve been thinking about all the wires that seem to be required in our real lives. Up till now, we’ve tossed our various wires, cables, adapters, and power cords in a bag, but we’re getting to the point where … Read more