Don’t Blink

Without a doubt, the number one thing people have said to me (us) in the last two years has been something along the lines of, “Don’t blink!”

It seems like everyone warns us that children grow up so fast. The point is always: don’t miss it, make the most of the time you have with your kid(s) because it goes by so quickly!

We’ve always taken the advice to heart, but it’s already hard to believe that 19 months ago we were in Korea to get Ethan. And now we’re preparing for a second trip to Korea (possibly sometime in November or December).

In SoulSalsa, Leonard Sweet talks about the making moments and marking moments (earlier this year, I wrote about making moments, myself). We try to do that; this blog is part of that discipline, I suppose.

While making the most of our time together is a value, it is a challenging one. But as busy as life can be (for us, as a clergy couple/family), we want to do our best to live with our eyes wide open!

Don’t blink. It’s good advice.

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  1. As an old man, I’ll just tell you those who gave you the advice are right. Last week my kids were playing soccer. This week my granddaughter is twelve.


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