Images of Summer 2009

We didn’t post a lot of photos over the summer, but now that it’s behind us, we’ll post some images from Summer 2009.

In late June, we spent a few days in Pittsburgh where we visited the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We also went to the Pittsburgh Zoo on two different days.

On the Just Ducky Tours’ duck boat tour, Ethan (and I) got to be one of the guest drivers on the water. And because of Ethan’s fascination with trains (not to mention, trucks, buses, heavy road equipment, airplanes, helicopters, etc.), we took a train ride on the East Broadtop Railroad. Ethan enjoyed the ride, but fell asleep at the end.

The photo with the polar bear (at the Pittsburgh Zoo) was one of my favorites and spent much of the summer as the desktop image on my laptop. Even though polar bears only spend about 10% of their time under water (according to a sign at the zoo), this bear did laps from top to bottom while we were there. Ethan had a prime location in the bottom corner where the bear made his turn.

At the Children’s Museum, a special Bob the Builder display room was on location during the summer. Although all the characters from the cartoon (whom Ethan has only had limited exposure to, by this time) were in the room, Ethan spent almost all of his time with Scoop (the yellow tractor).

Other shots below are from various other activities and locations taken during the summer. As you can see, Ethan continues to grow! 🙂

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