Eclectic Eating in Korea

The first time we were in Korea, we ate at one really nice Korean restaurant, another middle-of-the-road restaurant, and had one home cooked feast in someone’s home. We also ate at places like Starbucks (about the only thing open our first morning in Seoul due to the Lunar New Year holiday), Outback, and Bennigan’s (taken there by Korean tour guides from a local church).

This time around, our trip was shorter so we didn’t have as much opportunity. Our only actual traditional Korean meal was on the Korean Air flight to Korea (we had Bibimbap). We would like to have eaten at a traditional Korean restaurant, but it didn’t happen. The first half of our time was a little rushed as we spent half of our first day traveling to/from the foster home and spending time with Sarah. On the second morning, we made a quick trip to a shopping mall before picking up Sarah in the afternoon, then it was a matter of survival till we left Saturday morning.

And we like Korean food. In fact, since we’ve been to Korea the first time, we’ve tracked down authentic Korean restaurants whenever we travel and have been to good Korean restaurants in Pittsburgh, Carlisle, and Chattanooga, TN.

Interestingly, though, while we didn’t eat at a traditional Korean restaurant in Korea, we did eat at a French pastry shop, an Italian coffee/sandwich shop, a Mexican restaurant, as well as some Western establishments (McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme).

That’s not much different than how we eat in the States (when we eat out). 🙂

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  1. Joleen, Randy & Ethan:
    How wonderful to be able to welcome Sarah into your family. She is beautiful and I wish you much happiness.
    We just welcomed a new grandson, Carter Mason Reed on Easter sunday. Melissa is living here in SC so we get to see him every day.
    I missed your earlier blogs because my computer was “down” but now I’m all caught up on the Willis family.
    Best Wishes!


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