Stay on Track

I have noticed a number of commercials from Fidelity Investments lately. They’re the commercials with the green line on the ground that offers guidance and direction. Last week, one especially caught my attention.

In the commercial, the financial advisor encourages the client that the plan they worked out for his retirement “makes sense” and that he should “just stay on track.” Shortly after leaving the Fidelity office, the client stops to look at some expensive cars. Back down the street, the financial advisor from Fidelity calls out, “Stay on the line!” The client smiles, gets back on the line, and moves along.

The commercial caught my attention because that’s not the message we’re accustomed to hearing in commercials. Granted, it was a commercial from an investment firm, not an advertiser for a product they’re trying to convince us we need.

But the message is a good one — have a goal, a purpose, stay on track, and don’t get distracted along the way.

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