New Year’s Professional Photos

On New Year’s Day, we had photos taken at JCPenney Portrait Studios. (See a couple previous episodes when Ethan turned 2 as well as our first time, when Ethan was Sarah’s current age).

Yesterday’s experience wasn’t the smoothest, but we were somehow able to get a few decent shots. Below are our favorites, honorable mentions, and even a few disasters (the images are low resolution, made available for online sharing).

Shots we ordered …

Here are a few shots we liked but didn’t order …

And here are a few shots that didn’t go according to plan (these are photos that were taken while Ethan was actually in the studio) …

By the end of the session, Ethan’s cheeks were red (it was warm in the studio), Sarah was tired and sleepy, and their parents were ready to move on!

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Professional Photos”

  1. I really had to chuckle when I saw these pictures. Too bad an audio didn’t accompany it. I know what we go through trying to get family pictures with 6 grandchildren. I keep wondering how many years before we can get them all to look in the same direction and also end up with a picture where no one is crying, or trying to escape!

  2. Loved to see the pics of your family Joleen. Adorable kids. I loved all the movement that your active Ethan is displaying in the pictures. Too cute!

  3. Active Ethan … yes, I look now and laugh … I wasn’t so much laughing that day, nor was Sarah – Ethan wore her out!

    Great to hear from you Valerie!


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