Ethan’s First Professional Photos

After giving Ethan some time to adjust to his new home, we took him to a professional photographer at JCPenney Portraits a couple of weeks ago. This week, we picked up our prints.

As a nice touch, JCP offers (for $5) online access to all of the pictures that were taken (including the many that we did not buy). This allows us to share them online, including posting them on our blog. 😎

These were our favorites

5 thoughts on “Ethan’s First Professional Photos”

  1. Your pictures turned out great! Ethan is quite a handsome little guy! We hope you have a safe, nice trip, and we wish you lots of luck at your defense hearings.

  2. Thanks, everyone.

    We weren’t really sure how the photo shoot would go. We made the appointment on short notice and were left with a time that cut into Ethan’s nap time, which means he was still getting awake at our appointment time.

    As you might imagine (or know from experience!) Ethan didn’t cooperate for *every* shot. 😆


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