First 100 Days with Sarah

While singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” this morning at Centre Grove, for some reason it struck me that we should be right around the 100 day mark since we’ve had Sarah. And sure enough, yesterday was day 100.

In Korea, families traditionally celebrate a child’s 100th day (from birth) because the first 100 days were the most critical. Getting beyond 100 days was a good sign. While survival rates have dramatically improved, Korean families continue to celebrate the 100th day.

We didn’t have Ethan or Sarah on their 100th days (which they both celebrated with their respective foster families), so we chose to highlight their first 100 days with us. We marked Ethan’s 100th day and now we’re marking Sarah’s.

Here are photos which have not yet been posted (mostly from the past month). For more on Sarah’s story, see our About page.

3 thoughts on “First 100 Days with Sarah”

  1. Enjoyed the pictures of the Ethan and Sarah – cannot wait to get up there tomorrow to spend some time with them – miss them and love them SOoooo MUCH.


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