100 Days!

Today marks the 100th day since Ethan joined our family!

In Korea, families traditionally celebrate a child’s 100th day (from birth). Historically, a child’s first 100 days were the most critical. If a child lived that long, they were more likely to survive. While modern medicine has changed that, Korean families still continue to celebrate the day.

Well, we checked the calendar and today, May 22, 2008, is the 100th day we’ve had Ethan.

IMG_0766And how did we spend our 100th day together? On the road!

We drove to Kentucky where we will graduate from Asbury Theological Seminary this weekend.

We made good time, except for the last 20 miles, which took us about 2 hours, turning a 9 hour trip into 11. Traffic on the Interstate virtually stopped. We eventually made a U-Turn and took a detour following the back roads. While Ethan handled the trip fairly well, it was a very long day for him, strapped into a car seat! (You can read about the last trip to KY here: Setback.)

IMG_0767Sometimes it feels like we were just in Korea, and that “the meeting” (February 11, 2008) and “gotcha day” (February 12, 2008) were only yesterday. But in other ways, though, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been 100 days — it feels like Ethan’s been part of our family for much longer!

To review and/or relive those early moments, check out these posts …

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  • The Meeting (a description of our one-hour meeting with the baby).
  • First Hours with Ethan (a painful report of the first few hours after “the takeaway”).

Of course, you can always click on Adoption (under categories) to read posts about our adoption experience or even Cross-Cultural Experience to read our posts from Korea.

Today, we celebrate 100 days with Ethan, as we continue to thank God for him!

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