Preachers’ Kid Language

Ilove hearing (not-yet-3-year-old) Ethan’s language develop. It’s fun to listen to the stuff he comes up with from time to time. And one thing is clear — he’s a preachers’ kid! 🙂

A couple days ago during breakfast, he was asking me if I was going to “another church” (we live next to West Side, the church Mommy pastors and he’s come to know that I go to Centre Grove). That’s common language these days, especially during Lent. We’ve been attending the weekly Community Lenten Services, meeting at a different church each week.

Yesterday, I forget how it came about, but I asked him something and for some reason he said, “No. I’m not preaching anymore.” 🙂

You may recall that during our family leave, Ethan was wondering why we weren’t preaching on the weekends. See “Did you preach?”

This afternoon, Ethan found my wallet and was going through it, asking what everything was. Finally, he pulled out all my cash and said, “Ohhh, money. This goes in the plate.” 😆

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