Surrender: The Answer is Yes!

I am currently doing a sermon series on “Life in the Wilderness.” The wilderness represents those times when life doesn’t go according to plan, when something happens that we aren’t expecting.

Everyone goes through the wilderness; no one is exempt. And the wilderness changes us — no one comes out on the other side unchanged by what we’ve experienced. Either we are closer to God or we have moved away from God.

Last Sunday, I talked about trusting God in the wilderness. I think trust is connected to surrender. Sometimes we even use the language of “trusting Christ as Savior,” which essentially means we’ve surrendered our lives to Christ. When we trust God, we surrender our lives to God. If we don’t trust God with our lives, we won’t surrender.

I’ve been reading Secrets from the Treadmill by Pete Briscoe and Patricia Hickman, a book about finding God’s rest in the midst of a busy life. The book mentions a sign seen behind the counter at a restaurant which reads …

The answer is “Yes.” Now, what’s the question!

I believe that’s the motto of a surrendered follower of Jesus.

It’s also a statement of faith that is a little scary to say. But what’s the alternative? Perhaps, “The answer is, well, I’ll wait till I hear God’s question, then decide if the answer is yes or no.” If we’re going to be fully-devoted and surrendered followers of Jesus, we must say yes. And if that’s true, then why not say yes from the beginning?

Surrendering to God is usually a process. But the process goes much better when we’re committed to a life of surrender from the beginning!

Not saying it’s easy. Just saying it’s what surrendered Christ-followers aim for!

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