Ethanisms 2.0

While Sarah’s language development is just getting started, Ethan’s is taking off. A week ago, I wrote about Ethan’s language development, but since then, I have remembered and/or caught several new ones.

Yesterday, Ethan, who will be three in less than a month, sensed the excitement in the air regarding Sarah’s baptism last night (which we’ll write about soon, by the way; waiting on photos and we need time to process and recover from the weekend!). Joleen’s friend from college, Trish, had arrived earlier in the day and we were expecting other family and friends to join us for dinner prior to the evening service. Ethan normally sleeps and naps well, but occasionally/rarely, he’ll be too wired to sleep. Yesterday was one of those days. Trish saw and overheard Ethan standing at the end of his, saying, “Hmm. Should I go to sleep? No. There’s someone else in the house.”

Ethan usually eats one of various kinds of cereal for breakfast. We try not to give him too many choices (although some control is a good thing) but lately he prefers Mommy and Daddy’s cereal, which may have more fiber and/or more sugar. So, after rejecting two or three more kid-friendly cereals, we’ll let Ethan have one bowl of our cereal (he’d eat more, if we let him). Yesterday morning, when asked if he wanted our cereal, Ethan said (as he has at other times), “Yep! That’s what I needed!”

One time Ethan was humming. He said, “I’m singing in my mouth!”

A couple months ago, Ethan picked up my wallet from the table and started going through it. He eventually pulled out the cash and said, “Ohhh, this goes in the plate!” (as in offering plate).

Several weeks ago, we went through a car wash. Ethan didn’t like it. Often, when we get in the car now, Ethan asks if we’re going to the car wash, or he may point to it if we’re driving by. Sometimes when Sarah is fussy in the car, Ethan will encourage her, “Sarah, we’re NOT going to the car wash!”

Joleen mentioned it yesterday in her baptismal prayer post that sometimes Ethan will say, usually in response to my attempt to get Sarah to say certain words: “She’s a baby. She can’t remember words!”

Ethan might tack on the line “if you want to!” at the end of a request. If he’s not sure what you said or what you mean, he might say (a little demandingly, at times), “What did you say?” (or, “Hey, what did you say?”). When Ethan thinks you did something right, he might say, “That’s-a-way!”

Now, I really, really love listening to Ethan’s language development, but I must say, my favorite Ethanism is, “I love you, Dad!”

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