Desperate Preachers 2.0

Two months ago, I started an experiment (see Desperate Preachers 1.0) writing down what I prayed in the hours before preaching on Sunday morning.

It’s been a valuable experience. I was surprised how much I wrote the first week and how well it came together. The other thing I noticed is how much I revised it each week — sometimes minor adjustments, sometimes major ones.

The process resulted in developing a “desperate preacher’s prayer guide,” which flows out of the one-sentence prayer, “Lord, prepare me to communicate your message to change the world! Thanks!”

Two things should be noted: 1) It’s a guide, not necessarily a prayer to be read from beginning to end, and 2) it’s a work in progress so it’s not polished or done; it’ll change again this weekend, maybe a little, maybe a lot.

Desperate Preacher’s Prayer Guide
Lord, prepare me to communicate your message to change the world! Thanks!

Lord, prepare me …
“I have entered into the ministry of Jesus Christ, to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, on behalf of the world!” (see Trinitarian Theology of Ministry)
I surrender! I humble myself! I make myself available to you!
Give me clean hands and a pure heart! Dress me in your armor!
This is your idea! I’m desperate for you! I’ll go, but I cannot go alone!
Here I am, Lord, send me!

To communicate your message …
I am a witness / connector / conduit / voice crying out in the wilderness!
Help me to be in tune with God!
May the words of my mouth / meditations of my heart be acceptable to you!
Help me to connect with / communicate to people who need: Savior / Shepherd; rescued; hope; revived / awakened; to know how to grow!
You write the words! Say what you want to say—nothing more, nothing less.
Give me courage and boldness to be a Truth-teller!
Help me to be clear / focused / concise / passionate!
Anoint / empower me! Fill me with your Spirit! Set me on fire!

To change the world!
May your Word penetrate hearts / minds!
May your message produce much fruit!
May people come to Christ / grow in Christ!
Change hearts. Transform lives. Change the world!

Thank you for what you are doing and for what you will do!

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