The Overflow

Lately, I’ve been reminded about a fairly common idea/phrase — leading/ministering out of the overflow.

This is why preparation — ongoing personal growth — is so important. Last fall, I wrote about preparation in one of my posts on “The Nines” (specifically The Nines Marathon; see also More on the Nines) and continued the reflection in another post after the Provisional Membership Retreat.

Preparation is most productive when it’s consistent, over the long haul. Preparation is a value for me, but it’s also an area that I want to grow in. That’s why I wrote Daily Must-Dos (for ongoing preparation).

Preparation also helps to keep our “tanks” full (see Tank-Filling Activities). When my tank is running low, ministry/leadership can be a chore. But when my tank is full/overflowing, leadership is much more productive/effective.

In other words, in order to give, we must first receive. We receive in order to give. And the more we receive the more we’re able to give!

Are you living / serving / leading / ministering out of the overflow?

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