Ethanisms 3.0

Following up on previous posts (1.0 and 2.0), here are some of the latest Ethanisms we’ve recorded.

Several weeks ago while pulling into the church parking lot at Centre Grove, Ethan said, “That was bumpy. It made me wiggle.”

You have to watch the use of idioms, which don’t always make sense when taken literally, the way kids understand them. Once, while finishing up dinner, I said to Ethan, “Wrap it up!” He said, “What, wrap me up?”

Ethan has picked up on the current phrase, “How cool is that?” (sometimes inserting other words like “pretty” or something).

When Ethan needs help, he will often say, “A little help, please!”

While riding in the stroller a while back and walking toward the setting sun, Ethan said, “The sun is being mean to my eyes!”

And a couple days ago, Ethan closed the gate at the bottom of the stairs and said, “I’ll close this gate so no Sarahs can come up.”

Fun to listen to. It should be even more fun once we start adding Sarahisms!

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