Halloween 2010

Trick-or-treaters hit the streets Thursday evening in Clearfield (October 28, 2010). Last year, we had just brought Sarah home but still took Ethan to a few homes. This year, we bundled up the kids, loaded them into the stroller, and took them to some homes of church families within walking distance.

The kids don’t normally eat too much sugar/sweets, but we relaxed the rules a bit for Halloween (it was hard to keep track of Ethan’s intake). It didn’t impact Ethan’s sleep at all, but after going to sleep initially, Sarah got awake. She cried a while in her crib before we got her up. She was wired for a while before going back to bed sometime after midnight. I took several photos as a reminder of what a little sugar does to Sarah (also reminds us how grateful we are that both kids sleep extremely well most of the time!) …

Sarah’s First Gotcha Day

One year ago today, Joleen and I were in Seoul, Korea welcoming Sarah into our family (one day after meeting her for the first time).

This week, we’ve been remembering our trip to Korea last October. That’ll continue tomorrow (one year since our first full day with Sarah) and Sunday (the anniversary of the long trip home to introduce Sarah to Ethan).

We’ve already gotten to celebrate two gotcha days with Ethan (2009 and 2010) and today, we got to celebrate Sarah’s first gotcha day.

Someday, gotcha days will be more meaningful for the kids. For now, they’re mostly an opportunity for us to mark days that are meaningful for us. This morning, when I tried to explain to Ethan the significance of today, saying we were going out to eat to celebrate Sarah’s gotcha day, Ethan said, with a hint of sadness, “But, Daddy, don’t forget about me!” (although I think he meant it literally: don’t go out to eat without me).

Well, we didn’t do a good job with photos today (seemed like we spent most of the driving to Altoona for lunch and then hitting a couple stores before returning home in time for Joleen to go to a wedding rehearsal this evening). Anyway, here are a few photos from lunch at the Olive Garden …

Where Do We Go From Here?

Our blog has morphed over the years. It started out as a place to post notes/summaries of our weekly sermons. Later, we reflected on classroom experiences at Asbury while working on D.Min. degrees.

In those days, we didn’t do much personal/family blogging. That changed after we started pursuing our first adoption from Korea. Looking at our blog today, you might be surprised to learn how much of a struggle it was for us to decide whether or not to post the first photo of Ethan that we received from Korea (we received six photos but only posted one).

Since then, our blog has been a place to reflect on life and leadership.

In recent weeks, our blogging activity level has diminished. Maybe it’s because Ethan and Sarah’s adoption processes are complete and transitions are well under way. No doubt the extra time and energy that our final year of the ordination process is a (major) factor. Or maybe it’s because we’re not sure where the blog needs to morph next.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I think we’ll still focus on life and leadership. The site is long overdo for a redesign. I’d like to find a better way to organize the 850+ photos on the blog, most of which are buried in old posts. I’d like to reflect more on what we’re reading/learning, especially in the areas of leadership and preaching. So, we’ll see.

Stay tuned.