Sarah’s First Gotcha Day

One year ago today, Joleen and I were in Seoul, Korea welcoming Sarah into our family (one day after meeting her for the first time).

This week, we’ve been remembering our trip to Korea last October. That’ll continue tomorrow (one year since our first full day with Sarah) and Sunday (the anniversary of the long trip home to introduce Sarah to Ethan).

We’ve already gotten to celebrate two gotcha days with Ethan (2009 and 2010) and today, we got to celebrate Sarah’s first gotcha day.

Someday, gotcha days will be more meaningful for the kids. For now, they’re mostly an opportunity for us to mark days that are meaningful for us. This morning, when I tried to explain to Ethan the significance of today, saying we were going out to eat to celebrate Sarah’s gotcha day, Ethan said, with a hint of sadness, “But, Daddy, don’t forget about me!” (although I think he meant it literally: don’t go out to eat without me).

Well, we didn’t do a good job with photos today (seemed like we spent most of the driving to Altoona for lunch and then hitting a couple stores before returning home in time for Joleen to go to a wedding rehearsal this evening). Anyway, here are a few photos from lunch at the Olive Garden …

2 thoughts on “Sarah’s First Gotcha Day”

  1. I love this whole idea of celebrating the children’s “Gotcha Day.” It will be good for them to hear the story of how it played out for each of them. I also thought about how we need to remember our “Gotcha Day” when God rescued us and we became a part of His family.


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