“Too Busy Not to Pray”

The most recent book of the 15 Books That Have Shaped Me as a Leader that I read was Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels. While not specifically a leadership book, it’s written by a leader on a topic that leaders must develop.

There are a few authors/leaders that I consider must-reads. For me, Bill Hybels is at the top of this list!

This is a good basic book on prayer. Here are some of the statements I highlighted …

God’s power flows primarily through people who pray. (17)

Prayerless people cut themselves off from God’s peace and from his prevailing power, and a common result is that they feel overwhelmed, overrun, beaten down, pushed around and defeated by a world operating with a take-no-prisoners approach. (20)

When we make a habit of prayer, we stay constantly tuned to God’s presence and open to receive his blessings. (46)

Truly, if we are to live in God’s presence, we must shut out the world every once in a while so that we can hear God’s voice and God’s voice alone. (53)

One reason we stop praying or let our prayer lives fade is that we are too comfortable. (108)

You can’t become an authentic Christian on a diet of constant activity, even if the activity is all church-related. … Strength is born of solitude. (125)

Awareness of God’s presence comes as the result of taking time to speak and listen to him through prayer; conversely, the power of prayer is unleashed in the lives of those who spend time in God’s presence. (159)

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