Double Portion

In the days and weeks leading up to last Saturday’s Ordination Service, I prayed for a “double portion” of God’s Spirit (a reference to Elisha’s request at the anticipated exit of Elijah). It’s also a play on words, a celebration of the fact that both of us were ordained!

Last Saturday, we were ordained elders in The United Methodist Church. It’s something that we looked forward to for a very long time, but once it finally came, it flew by. Both Joleen and I described the week of annual conference as a blur. (For more on our journey, see Becoming Provisional Elders and Our Journey Toward Ordination.)

The Ordination Service itself was kind of surreal—we were aware of what was happening, and yet it was hard to take it all in, particularly, kneeling before the bishop, the laying on of hands by the bishop and other elders, and the placing of a stole around our necks.

Thanks to Stacy Eckert, from Connectional Ministries, for the photos below. Thanks to all who have had a hand in helping us reach this point. And thanks be to God!

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