On the Eve of Ordination

We are at annual conference this week. It’s an annual conference that will forever be engraved on our hearts and minds. It began Wednesday morning and will conclude tomorrow afternoon with the Ordination Service where we both will be ordained along with several others.

I had hoped to blog during annual conference, but this has been a very busy experience. Annual conference is normally busy (especially with the kids, transporting them back and forth from meals to childcare), but it’s extra busy this year due of ordination.

We began Wednesday morning in the Clergy Session where we were formally elected to full membership as elders (the last official step prior to ordination). Thursday evening, we celebrated this point in our lives with a special dinner with Bishop Middleton and the Board of Ordained Ministry (for those being ordained and for those who are retiring). After dinner, we continued our journey toward ordination in the Celebration of Ministry service, in which we answered the historic questions.

Tonight, after the evening session, we had a brief rehearsal for the Ordination Service. Tomorrow, the Ordination Service will begin at 2:30 p.m. (with the clergy procession beginning at 2:15 p.m.). You may be able to watch the ordination service live from the conference website (see previous post for details), barring technical difficulties.

Finally, one of the highlights of the last few days has been the affirmation, encouragement, and congratulations of friends and colleagues here at annual conference. As we prepare for tomorrow’s Ordination Service, my prayer is for a fresh anointing by the Holy Spirit on my life as a transformational leader in the church!

Well, we will process and report more later—sometime after the Ordination Service and sometime after we’ve had a chance to catch our breath. For now, we are looking forward to what God will do in us tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks be to God!

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