The Pain of Discipline vs. the Pain of Regret

Yesterday, Gary Thompson posted on Twitter

The pain of discipline is not as great as the pain of regret.

The statement both resonates with me and challenges me. In terms of taking care of your health, a similar idea is expressed in the statement, “Prevention is the best medicine.” Better to be disciplined on the front end than to live with regret on the back end.

I’m fairly disciplined, but I’m more disciplined in some areas than in others. Areas where I’ve done fairly well include time with God, time with family, exercise, and (especially nowadays) nutrition (all to varying degrees and seasons). I’ve been pretty disciplined with my education, personal growth, as well as my ministry. But I’ve struggled in other areas, such as rest and play, which is a major reason for hitting the wall. I am presently trying to become more disciplined in these areas to avoid future regret!

So, wherever you are today, choose the path of discipline over the path of regret!

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