Catalyst One Day Came to Pennsylvania!

Yesterday, Joleen and I attended the Catalyst One Day event in Lancaster, PA. It was a great event in which Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel talked about creating healthy organizational cultures.

Here are some my favorite quotes from the day, most of which I posted on Twitter

“Healthy people are problem solvers, not problem creators.” (Andy Stanley)

“Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created.” (Craig Groeschel)

“Your culture is a product of what you value … There’s often a big difference between what we value and what we do.” (Craig Groeschel)

Groeschel suggests keeping your list of values short: “If everything is important to you, nothing is important to you … If you can’t tweet your values, they’re too long.” (Craig Groeschel)

“Lead toward your values as if your future depends on it, because it does.” (Craig Groeschel)

Leaders must constantly confront their egos: “What’s most important: creating a great organization or creating a name for yourself?” (Andy Stanley)

Leaders must guard against entitlement: “Entitlement follows success.” (Andy Stanley)

“Those who don’t know, don’t know they don’t know … We as leaders have a limitless capacity for self-deception.” (Craig Groeschel)

The danger in ministry: It’s possible to “became a full-time pastor and a part-part follower of Christ.” (Craig Groeschel)

This was a very practical event. It was also timely as it fits right in with our next steps at Centre Grove. Coming out of our year in the Matthew 28 Initiative, we’re beginning the process of clarifying our vision and values, and making sure we are creating a healthy culture!

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