13 Factors That Influence Clergy Health

Health and well-being has been a focus of mine over the last several months (most recently, Hitting the Wall). Today, I read that three United Methodist general agencies joined forces to focus on clergy health. The result is a report on 13 Factors That Influence Clergy Health.

The intro paragraph from the PDF states …

The Church Systems Task Force research identified 13 factors that are highly correlated with clergy health, differentiating those who are healthy from those who are unhealthy. The 13 factors identify sources of stress, challenges to maintaining physical health, obstacles to emotional health, impacts upon social health, the importance of spiritual health and the influence of finances. Individuals who are able to manage and address these factors tend to be healthier. Healthy churches and congregations foster healthy clergy and church leaders—and vice versa. These factors are relevant for church leaders—clergy and laity alike. The Wesleyan way inextricably links the health of the Church with the health of its clergy. The leadership of healthy clergy is essential for vital local churches and vibrant mission in the world.

Here is a list of the 13 Factors (the site describes them in more detail) …

  1. Job satisfaction
  2. Relationship with congregation
  3. Work/life Balance
  4. Living authentically
  5. Personal centeredness
  6. Marital and family satisfaction
  7. Stressors of the appointment process
  8. Eating habits with work that often involves food
  9. Personal finances
  10. Existential burdens of ministry
  11. Appointment changes and relocation
  12. Education and preparation for ministry
  13. Outside interests and social life

I’ve seen other lists of stressors, of course, but what I like about this list is that it’s specific to church leaders, and even more specific to pastors in The United Methodist Church.

It’s a good list to monitor one’s own health and well-being.

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