Giving Our Whole Hearts to God

On Sunday, I handed out cards with an outline of a red heart. At the end of the sermon, I asked people to write in the percentage of their heart they wanted to give God. Of course, the hope is everyone wrote 100%!

In reality, I’m sure the percentage fluctuates and it may not even be humanly possible to give 100%. But the desire and commitment to give 100% is essential!

Last night, we used the cards in our family devotion. After explaining to the kids, Ethan (age 5) fleshed it out this way: “We can’t give God half a heart; that won’t work!” Later, during prayer time, Sarah (age 3) said something like, “We can’t give God just a piece.” Then the kids each wrote 100% on their heart cards.

How much of your heart are you giving to God?

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