Bishop William Willimon To Speak at Bishop’s Retreat!

Bishop William Willimon is coming to the Susquehanna Conference next week as a guest speaker at the Bishop’s Retreat for our clergy family.

Bishop Willimon recently retired from serving as bishop of the North Alabama Conference. He has since returned to Duke, where he taught for twenty years before being elected bishop in 2004. He is also a blogger.

I have read some of Bishop Willimon’s books, and maybe even listened to a sermon or two online, but I have never heard him in person. I love his books and have always been challenged by him. I’m really looking forward to hearing him, and being challenged by him, at the Bishop’s Retreat!

In the past, I’ve written posts on stuff written by Bishop Willimon, including …

Bishop Willimon will speak at the retreat Monday evening and Tuesday morning. During the event, I will post my favorite quotes live on Twitter. And, I hope to write something for the blog, as well (during or after the event). I invite you to follow along!

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