The 2013 School Year in Review

Today was a busy day, and it marked the end of a busy year!

This year, Sarah completed her first year of preschool (see Sarah Goes to Preschool!), and Ethan completed Kindergarten (see Ethan Goes to Kindergarten!). The year also included extracurricular activities–soccer for both Ethan and Sarah and dance for Sarah. Sarah’s year of dance lessons culminated in a dance recital on May 8!

In the fall, Ethan had his fourth and final season of pee wee soccer, the same season in which Sarah had her first. They played on the same team, which proved to be a real distraction for both! In the spring, Sarah played her second season of pee wee soccer while Ethan moved up to U-8 (under 8).

Yesterday, Ethan completed Kindergarten. His class celebrated his birthday, which is today. Before celebrating Ethan’s birthday today, we began the day with a U-8 soccer tournament. Ethan played in soccer games at 9:00, 10:00, 11:30, and 1:00. Ethan’s team finished the season 2-5 but drew a weak schedule in the tournament. After tying the first game, his team won the next two and earned a playoff spot. While they played a stronger team in the playoffs, they played well and hung with them. In fact, Ethan played goalkeeper for the final three quarters of the game. He only allowed one goal during that time, but the team lost 2-0. It was a fun day, and the first of its kind for our family!

We came home and celebrated Ethan’s birthday. Ethan had requested a John Deere theme, so the table, including the birthday cake, as well as birthday gifts, were all duly decorated. Ethan loves tractors, cranes, snowplows, etc. He enjoys watching YouTube videos of all kinds of tractors and heavy equipment!

The school year went by quickly. We are grateful for God’s blessings and for the gift of each day, as well as each milestone. We’re also grateful for all of the teachers, instructors, coaches, and others, who are helping to shape our kids’ lives in positive ways!

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  1. Proud of my grandchildren and was happy to share Ethan’s birthday with him as well as the recital with Sarah!


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