York, Maine 2013

We just returned from vacation in Maine (where we went in 2011 and 2012).

The kids enjoy going to Maine. They talk about going there through much of the year, even though it’s far away and the water is cool (water temperature was 57-59 degrees last week).

Last year, it took them a few days to get comfortable in the waves (we have photos and video of them running from the waves), but not this year. They both ran to the water almost immediately!

June was a wet month in Maine. And it seemed to rain most of the days we were there. But the rain and/or storms usually held off till we were resting for the afternoon (the last day was a washout).

Overall, it was a great week. Here are some of our favorite photos …

3 thoughts on “York, Maine 2013”

  1. Great photos. Looks as if you are having a great time. Weather here is not worth diddly squat either. Have fun. Jim did a gret job on Sunday.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures; the kids seem to have had fun. We had rain here most of the week also, but the weather was warm. Glad that you are home and anxious to see you.


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