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I grew up in a denomination that only read and approved the King James Version of the Bible, and viewed other translations with a great deal of skepticism. But in seminary, I began to read, enjoy, and prefer modern translations (that was also during a time when several translations were developed, including God’s Word, the Contemporary English Version, and the New Living Translation). In fact, each time I read through the Bible nowadays, I try to read a different translation (I’m currently reading through the the NET translation using The Bible App).

My translation of choice in recent years (especially for preaching), and the one I read through previously, is the new Common English Bible.

Recently, they published The CEB Study Bible. I pre-ordered it a few months ago and have been using it as a study resource ever since I received it. At the official site, you can view a sample section from the study Bible.

It’s hard to give an in-depth review of such an extensive work, but just from the portions of Scripture I’ve studied in recent months, I have been thoroughly pleased. In fact, it has been my favorite study Bible ever since the first passaged I read!

While study Bibles don’t go in depth to the degree that full-length commentaries do, study Bibles focus on the highlights, often providing some great nuggets (with commentaries, you often have to weed through a lot of chaff!). Other study Bibles I commonly refer to include: NLT Study Bible (another favorite), The New Interpreter’s Study Bible (which I received at ordination), Life Application Study Bible (good for practical application), and the Archaeological Study Bible (good for historical/geographical context). I also really like The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament and New Testament (which I believe is in the process of being revised).

You may also be interested in a 2009-post I wrote on Online Bible Study Tools.

What are your favorite study Bibles or other study resources?

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  1. In addition to the study bibles mentioned, I use the New Oxford Annotated Bible (4th edition), The ESV Study Bible and the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible, and The Lutheran Study Bible (by CPH). My favorites however, continue to be the CEB Study Bible and the New Interpreter’s Study Bible. I am waiting for the CEB study Bible to have a version that works with my software ..at least the iPad tablet.


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