My One Word and One Verse for 2014

There’s been a movement in recent years to focus on one word for a year. Jon Gordon has written a book called One Word That Will Change Your Life (see also Gordon was on the NBC Today Show on New Year’s Day discussing the power of one word.

Last year, my word was cultivate. That’s always my word for leadership. This year, I chose the word CHASE.

I posted my one word on Twitter, and I love the response from the @getoneword folks …

The word developed over the last few weeks. Just before Christmas, I wrote in an email to church leaders and prayer partners (I call them “Movers & Shakers” because they are) that I don’t just want to pastor a church, I want to lead (or be part of) a movement for God! That phrase has stuck with me!

In recent months, we’ve been using the image of a boulder on a mountain to describe momentum. When you’re trying to generate momentum, it’s like pushing a boulder uphill. As momentum develops, it’s like nearing the top of the mountain, and the pushing gets lighter. But once you begin going downhill, momentum develops, and it’s like chasing a boulder downhill!

I think that’s where we are at Centre Grove UMC. This year, I’m expecting to start chasing the boulder downhill. We’ve leveled off, and we may be near a tipping point (the point at which pushing turns to chasing)!

I haven’t said much about it on the blog, but I’m extremely grateful to be part of what God is doing at Centre Grove. And, I look forward to being part of whatever God is going to do in 2014!

One final thing: on New Year’s Day, YouVersion, makers of The Bible App, challenged readers to name one verse for the year.

Along the lines of my one word, I have decided to focus on 2 Chronicles 7.14

if my people who belong to me will humbly pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. (CEB)

There will be no chasing without God’s favor!

I don’t just want to pastor a church. I want to lead, or be part of, a movement for God, one that’s experiencing God’s favor and chasing the boulder downhill!

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