Moving From ASAP to ALAT!

One of my favorite books is The Circle Maker.

That should come as no surprise. I’ve written seven posts about the book (last one here, with links to the previous ones).

In the book, Batterson writes …

Maybe one of the reasons we get frustrated in prayer is our ASAP approach. When our prayers aren’t answered as quickly or easily as we would like, we get tired of circling. Maybe we need to change our prayer approach from as soon as possible to as long as it takes.

Batterson blogged further about this …

You know the acronym: ASAP. It means “as soon as possible.” While I was writing The Circle Maker I realized that I was automatically attaching an ASAP to all of my prayers. Zero patience.

The biggest transformation in my personal prayer life has been to a totally different mindset: ALAT. What does it mean? As long as it takes … it involves raw determination. Zero quit.

Few qualities in prayer, and in life, are more important than patience, endurance, and perseverance. Let us learn to pray with zero quit. ALAT. As long as it takes!

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