Prayer for United Methodist Clergy in Transition

It’s July 1, the start of a new conference year, and for many, the beginning of a new ministry. Here is my prayer as we begin this journey in the midst of a pandemic.

O God, thank you for being with each & every one of us at all times!

I am especially struck by the challenge that our FIRST IMPRESSIONS will be as pastors wearing face masks, maintaining physical distance, & forgoing handshakes. That’s not really the impression we want to give; but we also want to “do no harm” & to “love our neighbor.” God, give us extra grace & favor & understanding & wisdom!

We certainly need wisdom. We entered this pandemic in different locations with different people in churches we knew. Now, we go to lead & care for people in places we don’t know. God, lead us & guide us for such a time as this! 

We don’t know exactly how all of this will play out, but we do know & trust that you will be with us! We pray that in the process we will make your name great! Amen. 

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