The Spirituality of Leading

Hello. I’m reporting from Wilmore, KY tonight!

Joleen and I are here this week for our sixth class, "The Spirituality of Leading." It looks to be an excellent class; in fact, this is the first class that caught my attention when we began looking at school catalogs back in 2003.

I will *try* to do some blogging this week, offering thoughts and reflection on what I’m learning here and, more importantly, on what God is doing in my life! It looks to be another transformational week. (Let me just insert here a word of gratitude to God: I am grateful that God led us here and that every class, so far, has been a tremendous experience!).

This morning, we attended the worship service at Southland Christian Church. Currently, they’re averaging 8,400 people per weekend (in four services) — to put it in perspective, we were in a worship service which had more people than live in all the local communities in which we live and serve!

As we drove out of the parking lot today, I said to Joleen, "It’s good to be in a setting like this occasionally simply to expand our vision and perspective!

Southland is in the middle of a really cool sermon series called "iGod" (building off the popular iPod). Today’s sermon was "iThoughts," which dealt with our thought life.

Incidentally, the message was a perfect lead-in to this week’s class! Most of our pre-class work has related to the spirituality of Christian leaders. A large part of our reading, writing, and reflection has been about the "seven deadly sins," especially how they are manifested in our own personal lives.

FYI, Joleen and I are both planning a sermon series during Lent on the seven deadly sins. We trust it will be a transformational time for us all!

Well, I hope to write more as the week progresses. Check in from time to time as you get a chance!

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