“Spirituality …” Day 1

As I wrote yesterday, Joleen and I are at Asbury this week for a class on "The Spirituality of Leading." Dr. Stephen ("Steve") Martyn is teaching this class, and our first day was a great day.

We began our time (as we will every day) in Fletcher Chapel, a small worship space designed for small groups. It set the tone for the day and for the week.

Steve said during that worship time (about this week) something like, "This will be an academic experience. But God strike me with lightning if that’s all it is!" His hope (and mine!) is that it will be a deeply transformational experience for us all!

Much of our focus this week, as I wrote yesterday, will deal with what the church has historically called "the seven deadly sins." I’ll list them and say more about them later.

The main thing from today, for me at least, is that the pastor/leader’s highest calling is NOT to be a pastor. A pastor’s highest (first) calling is to be a disciple. Now I know that sounds elementary, but it’s amazing how many of us forget this (or at least stop living as if that’s the case)!

For example, Steve noted that out of his seminary graduating class, only about 6 or 7 of them (out 26, I believe) are still in ministry. Many of those who dropped out were the victims of self-inflicted moral collapses. Sad.

The purpose of this class seems to be to address and focus on the spirituality of the pastor’s life. I’ll try to include some quotes in future posts, so be sure to check back again soon!

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